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Updated: Oct 31, 2023

If you’re curious as to why I’ve added a blog to this website four years after launching it, I’ll explain. Until now, I’ve mostly presented my screen time data without commentary, except occasionally on a particular social media platform. Now that that’s less fun to use and may soon not be usable at all, I want to ensure a way of discussing my data, whether that entails providing supplemental stats/info or simply offering my thoughts on it. I’m not going to promise regularly scheduled posts or consistency in terms of their content, but I do believe they will elevate the site and be personally rewarding for me to write.

At last, you can now find the data for Barbie on the misc. film performances page in the Beyond the Oscars section. Since there are 21 main credited cast members, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that no one cracks 50% or that most don’t even hit 10, but I did expect Margot Robbie to land a bit higher. Still, it’s nice to see her emerge so comfortably as the sole lead and to know that America Ferrera’s role is as large as it is. I do wish Kate McKinnon had been given more to do, and it’s not great that the secondary Kens’ screen time average is 3% higher than that of the secondary Barbies, but I also wouldn’t want to imagine a version of the film that didn’t include “I’m Just Ken.”

This marks the beginning of my 2023 film awards season screen timing journey, which should inspire many more posts. Unsurprisingly, I really enjoyed collecting this data, and I hope you’ll enjoy looking it over. Here’s to a fun season!



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