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Screen Time Central: Introduction

My passion for collecting and compiling screen time data began in 2007, when I resolved to satisfy my curiosity about the performance lengths in Fargo by timing them myself. From there, I set out to time every Oscar-winning performance, and soon expanded the task to include every nominated performance. It took eight years to get through the winners and an additional four to finish the entire project.

Now, when I say the project is finished, I mean it's as finished as possible. There are five pesky performances that I cannot time because they are from films that are either lost or currently unavailable. They are:​​

  • Emil Jannings - The Way of All Flesh (1927)

  • Betty Compson - The Barker (1928)

  • Richard Barthelmess - The Noose (1928)

  • Lewis Stone - The Patriot (1928)

  • Lawrence Tibbett - The Rogue Song (1930)


I'm proud to share (and will annually update) this complete directory of Oscar-nominated performance screen times. Check out the "Beyond the Oscars" tab for data on non-Oscar nominated performances (including some from TV). Here's hoping you find as much joy in perusing the data as I do in calculating it!

- Matthew

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